2019 Lightning Rock Syrah

Summerland, B.C.

I was excited to visit with Jordan and Tyler from Lighting Rock winery during harvest this year. The husband-and-wife team has more than a decade each of winemaking experience in the Okanagan, as well as international harvests under their belt. The duo brings a wealth of knowledge in creating electric wines at Lightning Rock. They have an exceptional sparkling wine program, producing worldly traditional method wines and exciting Pét-Nats. The still wines they make are equally beguiling. They work with Pinot Noir, Viognier, Chardonnay and of course Syrah.

Their vineyards sit atop rocky cliffs in Summerland, BC. The Syrah for this wine comes from their home vineyard, Elysia, planted in 2006. The vineyard overlooks Okanagan Lake on decomposed granite. This soil retains the heat from the sun, creating the warm growing environment that Syrah thrives in.

They take stewardship of their farm in stride with a holistic approach. You will find vines left to grow as they please in place of perfectly manicured vineyards. Cover crops are free to blossom and help promote healthy soils and biodiversity within the farm. Caring for the natural environment is a top priority.

In classic northern Rhône style, this Syrah underwent fermentation with a small amount of Viognier for aromatic lift. It rested in neutral barrel and was not fined nor filtered. The 2018 Syrah from Lightning Rock is full of deep, savoury bramble fruit. Notes of pepper, violet, tobacco and licorice round out the palate. The tannins are silky. It is a medium-bodied wine full of complexity. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to your Christmas Day cuisine. It is also wonderful for sipping on in front of the fireplace on a cold night.