Gruen Riesling

Rheingau, Germany

Some people have an aversion to Riesling. I am not one of them. It is a grape with such variety and versatility.

The Gruen Riesling, from the Rheingau region in Germany, is optimism in a glass….and after the longest winter on record, who doesn’t need that! Germany continues to be the king of Riesling as they grow 60% of the worlds crop. I particularly like wines from the Rheingau as they tend to have a slightly fuller body. Rieslings also have racing acidity which is why they are great food wines. The acid cleanses the palate and gets your mouth ready for the next bite. Like a lot of Rieslings, this one is lower in alcohol (8%) so I can have a civilized glass at lunch and not have to pick the kids up from school in a cab! This wine will also have a touch of sweetness – don’t let that scare you off! That little bit of sugar makes it perfect for a spicy Thai dish, hot wings, or with everything you’re going to eat at brunch this weekend!

See – didn’t I say it was versatile?